Artist Information

2020 Carmel Art Festival


Check-In Wednesday Morning, May 13, 8 am – 5 pm

Steven Whyte Sculpture Studio, in Su Vecino Court, Dolores between 5th & 6 (next to the Carmel Art Association Bldg.)th

Starting at 8 am, either Ellen or Hella will check you in.  You can bring as many canvasses (watercolor paper or board) as you wish to be stamped for the festival.  Remember that you may replace any paintings that you sell with another painted during the Festival (with the Festival stamp on the back).

Maximum size of a framed canvass cannot exceed 30” wide x 36” deep.  You are responsible for providing the frames. 

You will paint for the next 2-1/2 days.


Check-In Friday in Devendorf Park at 2-3 pm, May 15. Judging will be 3-5 pm.   

You will check in two framed paintings beginning at 2 pm  You must frame your paintings. You will name your paintings and select a BUY NOW price. (There will NOT be a Silent Auction in 2020 except for the Quick Draw event on Sunday, May 17.)  You will also indicate the value of the painting.  The sale price is split with half going to the Festival to support children’s art programs in Monterey County, and half to you.  After handing in the required paperwork, all paintings will be hung by the Carmel Art Festival.   Artists names are in alphabetical order by last name.  Before turning in your 2 exhibition paintings, TAKE A PHOTO OF BOTH AND SEND THEM TO OUR IT person (email will be supplied to you in the check-in package on Wednesday) and include name of painting, size, medium, and pricing which will appear on our CAF website by NOON on Saturday, May 16.  

From 3 - 5 pm - Judges will view paintings and select winners.  Ribbons will be placed on winning paintings by 5 pm.

ALL EXHIBITION PAINTINGS WILL BE BLOCKED OFF FROM THE PUBLIC UNTIL 5 PM. "Buy Now" starts promptly at 5PM. Juried artists are asked to turn in your ballot for the “Artist Choice Award” and the general public their "People's Choice Award" ballots by 5:45PM, so that we can announce these awards by 6PM.

The formal AWARDS CEREMONY will be held at 6PM - 6:30PM. Although buyers can "Buy Now" paintings starting at 5PM, no purchased paintings are to be removed by buyers until after the awards ceremony, approximately 6:30PM.

 VIP Wine Event, Friday, May 15– 6:30 to 9 pm

Past Art Buyers of the Carmel Art Festival are invited. It is By-Invitation-Only. Our juried artists + 1 are invited, and you are welcome to bring your collectors to the event. We do ask that you register them with us in advance so that they get on our list.  

The award ceremony will be Friday promptly at 6 pm on the stage located across from the tents. .  If your painting received a ribbon, you will need to take it from your panel wall and then, bring it to the stage when your name is called so that we can photograph you with the painting.  After you receive your award, you will replace your painting on the panel.  It may be crowded but we will try to keep the area directly in front of the stage clear so that you have a path to the stage from the tent. 

Saturday Morning, May 16

If your painting(s) did not sell on Friday evening, , the paintings will remain on display for purchase on Saturday and Sunday at the price to be determined by you, the artist. You can change it from the "Buy Now" price of Friday.. On Saturday and Sunday YOU MAY HANG REPLACEMENT PAINTING(s) THAT YOU COMPLETED DURING THE FESTIVAL (new paintings whose canvasses were stamped by CAF on Wednesday, May 13). Again, proceeds will go 50% to you the artist and 50% us, the Carmel Art Festival.
Note: Replacement/non-competition paintings will not be hung on Friday night!


  • Only CAF volunteers are to remove art from the walls to take to checkout.
  • Or, Buyers can take the "sales slip" from the walls to take to checkout. This insures no one else can purchase it.
  • CAF volunteers will then get the painting from the wall once it's paid for and hand to the buyer.
  • CAF volunteer will leave an orange sticker on the empty/sold spot to let the artist know it's been sold.
  • Artist can then put up a replacement painting.
  • If a buyer has not picked up their purchased painting, it remains hanging on the wall unless CAF volunteers tell artist otherwise.
  • Pretty much at no time does the artist handle a purchased painting unless formal arrangements have been made by CAF volunteers.

    The sales tent will remain open late on Saturday! Last year we had quite a few sales that evening.
    You can leave with any un-purchased paintings after 3 pm on Sunday.  If necessary, we have a shipper available to coordinate the shipping of your unsold paintings.



    Quick Draw, Sunday, May 17  Painting 9-11.  Devendorf Park

    Those who received awards are expected to participate in the Quick Draw event.  Arrive at Devendorf Park in time to have your canvass stamped and be ready at 9 am.  You can paint anywhere you like as long as you return no later than 11am.  You will need to bring your easel with you at 11am and set up in a line in Devendorf Park that we will determine.  There will be a 30-minute silent auction during which time a winner will be named. 


    Festival Closes - Sunday, May 17, 3 pm

    After 3 pm, unsold paintings displayed on Mission Street can be removed.  If necessary, a mail service will be available to coordinate the shipment of your paintings after the festival closes.



    Hofsas House between 3rd & 4th - (831) 624-2745 gives a discount and Lamplighter Inn and Forest Inn is giving a discount. to artists participating in the festival (be sure to mention that you are a juried artist!) -

    For further information, please go to our website

    For any questions, please don't hesitate to call me.
    Hella Rothwell